Carpet Repair

JNC Carpet Systems doesn’t just clean carpets; we offer carpet repair services for all of our customers. Repairing your carpet is a practical and affordable alternative to completely replacing the carpet in your home. We will come in and examine your carpets and present you with a list of options that can help you keep your home looking amazing without breaking the budget.

Some carpet repairs JNC Carpet Systems can perform:

  • Re-stretching the carpet: Having ripples in your carpet can pose a safety problem for your family. We will have a professional re-stretch your carpet to make it ripple-free.
  • Fixing rips caused by pets: We have much experience in repairing the damage caused by your furry friends. So don’t worry—you can keep your pet and still have nice carpet!
  • Repairing cigarette burns: Having an unsightly burn spot can detract from an otherwise beautiful carpet. JNC Carpet Systems can remove the offending burn spot.

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